Despite having fear over coronavirus, the weather was quiet challenging a week before. Last
week, it rained heavily with storm and hailstones resulting in power cuts and slow internet
for few days
Nevertheless, it has taught many people to self-educate themselves about the importance of
health and personal hygiene, family life and sustainable environment.

foto1Lipikot Community Update
Lipikot community lies near the Kathmandu city, having 200 population with 45 households.
People those who are disabled, leprosy-infected and socially marginalised live in the
In 2015, a massive earthquake hit the county resulting in around 9000 deaths and destruction of thousand houses across the country. Many houses in Lipikot community were also damaged and crumbled. Most people left their houses and moved outside in the opened area for many days to save their lives.
Since then, the residents of the community had no option rather than staying under the sky
during the monsoon and winter seasons. However, the Sargangkot Foundation took initiatives to build and repair the houses for the disabled people in Lipikot community. The project started last year in 2019 and it is still undergoing.
foto2In coordination with National Leprosy Affected Welfare Association (NLAWA), the Sarangkot
Foundation completed 30 out of 48 houses before the lockdown (24th March 2020). However, 6 households left the community and moved somewhere during last year. Now, we have 12 more houses to be built and repaired. The houses are being built under the supervision and guidance of Sovit Pariyar who has a profound knowledge and experience in house construction. The project was supposed to be completed before the rainy season this year in 2020. However, the project came to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic and long
lockdown imposed by the government. The foundation is currently in contact with NLAWA
team to begin the remaining houses as soon as the lockdown is lifted in the country.

foto3Phirtu Chaudhary- A Story
“We had a big worry to resettle in our community after a massive earthquake in 2015.” A 45 year old resident, Phirtu Chaudhary, has a smile on his face while sharing his experience about a new house he got. Now, he lives with his wife and a child but he and his wife are leprosy-affected with some physical deformities. Originally, they are from Terai region (Southern part of country). Though the land belongs to a social organisation, Phirtu has made this place his home. Phirtu cannot work and earn like other normal people and would go to temple to beg for his livelihood. The earthquake damaged his house severely.
foto4However, the NLAWA in association with the Sarangkot Foundation built a small house which is now safe and Phirtu is living happily with his family in Lipikot community. In his words, “we are very much thankful to Sarangkot Foundation for providing us a roof in our difficult time.”

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